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Top 10 BEST Baby Jumpers Reviews 2020

The idea of dancing to melodious beats, the idea of jumping up and down, the idea of playing with toys while dropping heights and the idea of exercising is no more an adult activity; well, playing with the toys never was but not even the rest ever since Baby Jumpers were introduced. They can be perfect buddies of your child for them to turn to it whenever they want to play or have fun. Being infants, they cannot do any of the above-said things or activities without the help of parents or some support; the best Baby Jumpers exactly is a device that lets your baby enjoy everything safely.
1 Buying Guide to Best Baby Jumpers
1.1 What is the purpose of a Baby Jumper?
1.2 What age should be the right age for a child to use a baby bumper?
1.3 What to look for in a Baby Jumper?
2 10 Best Baby Jumpers Reviews with Pros and Cons
2.1 Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
2.2 Evenflo ExerSaucer Learn Jumper Jungle
2.3 Baby Einstein Activity Special Neighbourhood
2.4 Graco Bumper Jumper Bear Trail
2.5 Baby Einstein Neptunes Discovery Jumper
2.6 Bright Starts Bounce Baby
2.7 Disney MINNIE Peekaboo Activity Jumper
2.8 Jolly Jumper
2.9 Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo
2.10 Baby Einstein Rhythm Activity Saucer

Buying Guide to Best Baby Jumpers 2019

Assuming the fact that one already knows what a baby jumper is, we proceed to consider what are the things one should consider as parents before they buy a baby jumper for their baby.

What is the purpose of a Baby Jumper?

The purpose of Baby Jumpers are so many, but what is precisely your purpose of buying the one for your baby should be considered or instead jotted down somewhere so that while buying, you can find it as points you will refer to while you are checking or viewing a particular Baby Jumper. Here are a few purposes to relate-

To make sure your baby enjoys all the fun of being able to jump up and down with laughter, giggles, and smiles.
To make sure your baby learns things and lessons, he or she should be learning as this is a critical stage where the baby’s brain is developing.
To make sure your baby grows physically active as a baby jumper helps in strengthening of the muscles and motor skills of a baby.
To ensure that your baby gets engaged in some play for some time where he or she doesn’t need you all the time and by that time you can complete your other important work.

What age should be the right age for a child to use a baby bumper?

There is nothing like an age bar, but one thing that needs to be considered before you make your child habituated to using a baby jumper is to check whether or not he or she can hold up his or her head without any support and the head stays firm. Also, there are some companies or brands that have this tag of 6 months and above on their baby jumpers for usage, and some have weight criteria too. So, buy one after you consider all such points, and the one that qualifies your child should be brought home.

What to look for in a Baby Jumper in 2019?

This point is an elaboration of the point above on why some companies have these criteria of age and height; here a few things to look for in a baby jumper before you buy it.

Seat: Every baby jumper comes with a chair but what should be considered in this case is the height customization feature, padding of the place which has to be comfortable and soft for the baby’s back to support and also the situation should be removable so that they can be cleaned whenever the need be.
Weight: The Brands have a specification of weight, so one should read that first and then consider buying it for their baby, keeping in mind that the importance of their baby doesn’t exceed the weight limit of the baby jumper. You can go for jumpers where the weight of your child is too less than the weight limit, but not more as then there are chances of breakage.
Height Adjustability: This one is important as you should better consider a baby jumper that has a feature of height Adjustability so that it can be used even after your baby has grown up a little. Because buying a baby jumper by investing so much of money and then throwing it away sometime later because your child’s height has increased is a waste of money.
Storage: Choose a baby jumper that can be adequately stored, not acquiring too much space when not in use, just like the ones that can be disassembled or folded. Even the ones who don’t require too much space once set up are favorable if you have a smaller space at home.
Toys: Look for a baby jumper that has enough toys to keep your baby engaged and entertained. Some jumpers come with electronic gadgets that have incredible sounds and lights. Choose one with more toys and good sounds and lights so that your baby doesn’t get bored with them too quickly. Some jumpers provide hooks so that you can hang more toys if you want to, and some jumpers come with toy trays to keep all your baby’s favorite toys together. There are Baby Jumpers, which support both the feature of extra hooks as well as a spacious toy tray.
Suspender: The Suspender has a significant role to play for your babies to jump up and down safely. Whichever Baby Jumper you choose what you need to consider or check is the straps which should have been two or more as two or more straps will keep your baby in place while he or she has been continually jumping. While a single strap can cause injuries as while dancing, the baby might swing left or right.

10 Best Baby Jumpers 2019 Reviews with Pros and Cons

A most loved Jumper providing babies with the opportunity to access the toys swinging around the seat with the help of a spinning position. The baby can now enjoy safe jumping where the Rainforest music and sounds activate themselves while your baby jumps. The toys section includes bobbing elephant, swinging monkey, and so many more that depict the wildness of the rainforest. There is a drum which each time the baby spins lights, as well as music, gets activated. Even you can do the activation for a continuous 4 minutes. This Jumperoo makes sure your baby is safe as it has a custom fit and soft spring cover for the fingers. This Baby Jumper has an innovative design for the baby’s fun and for the ease of the parents so it can be opened from the top along with a 360-degree rotating seat. There is a light-up musical piano, and a toy bar that remains overhead is too soft along with squirrel roller balls and two woodland friends’ spinner. Fisher-price with the introduction of this Baby Jumper allows your child to have fun in some ways than you as parents thought could be possible.


This Baby Jumper provides a canopy to keep the baby engaged with the toys that hang overhead.
There is an electronic toy overhead that keeps the baby engaged as it has motion, lights, and music.
There is no requirement of the doorway to fix this jumper as it has been designed for ease and comfort.
Whatever the baby needs during playtime is all present in this baby jumper.
A baby jumper from the house of Fisher-Price which lets the baby seeks fun from any side with an adjustable seat.
This baby jumper is not so difficult to store as it can be tucked as well as folded to be carried from one place to another minus the trouble.

It has been designed for kids who cannot stand, jump, or run, not for babies who can walk, dance, or run.
It is ideal for a baby who can keep up his or her head with any assistance, not for the ones who don’t yet know to hold the head intact and up.
This jumping case is not sensitive to baby skin because of which your baby might develop scratches and wouldn’t enjoy as much as he or she should.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Learn Jumper Jungle

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

A baby who is a toddler isn’t expected to dance, jump, or exercise the way we as adults do. Nonetheless, there are exceptions, but if you want that your child too should grow such qualities, then this Baby Jumper will let you do so that too by providing essential lessons. This Baby Jumper doesn’t just allow the baby to jump and play but also provides them with the opportunity to learn. It has the best toys that have been manufactured or preferably put into this jumper after conjunction from the child’s development institute so that the child learns the right things at the right time. Evenflo is one of the best baby products company holds a strong reputation for the quality of its products. This one product is going to provide your baby with 58 learning activities that are fun to help a baby achieve a milestone. The spin and jump action helps the baby to exercise and strengthen his or her motor skills; there is a great balance as well as control with this baby jumper, which maintains a balance between strength and coordination. During the early ages, what your baby requires is a soft base, which the Evenflo Extrasaucer provides to promote stability with its 2X Bounce back landing Panda, which is very smooth for a stable landing. The main behind the manufacturing of Taking with me Toys is the customization of experience of both learning and playing.


Where most of the babies don’t like playing with toys or get irritated about it, this baby jumper brings unique toys that have engaging sounds and lights for the baby, which all your babies will find attractive.
It has the right set of activities to help keep your baby growing towards the milestone you as parents have set for your babies to achieve.
Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump has the set of skills that are best for exercises of the baby’s neck, legs, and back muscles to make it secure. It is also known for its ability to develop baby’s motor skills.

The baby jumper comes in neutral colors, which your baby might find annoying.
Another possible reason behind it being boring is the sound system as it has just 3 different jungle sound clips of 10 seconds each.
The toys of this baby Jumper are too high for a 2 months baby to reach, making it restricted to be bought by parents who have little babies but look for baby jumpers.

Baby Einstein Activity Special Neighbourhood

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

Buying your baby the quality jumper where he or she enjoys jumping and dancing to some exciting beats is a tough job because it’s about your baby who hardly understands anything now. Still, chances are he or she might get disturbed with a sound or a technique. This is the reason why parents have to be wise while choosing a baby jumper, now this one is such a baby jumper that has been crafted wisely to suit your smart needs. The Baby Einstein Activity Special Neighbourhood allows your baby to jump in joy in the neighborhood along with the Baby Einstein friends he or she is going to make or already has. There is no need for a doorway for your baby’s safe jump with this baby jumper. It has the perfect sound and music effects to keep your baby engaged and to let your baby jump in joy as well as delight. Your baby is going to enjoy 360 degrees of experience of fun with the fantastic baby seat. Guess what the best part is? It is the language Discovery session where your baby will learn to adapt to a language among English, Spanish, and French. Overall it is the best you can get, so hurry up as your baby needs to enjoy some fun during his growing period.


There is an electronic piano that comes with this Baby Jumper that has new lights, melodious sounds, allows you access to volume control. There are three modes of this electric piano, which are piano key tones, language Discovery of French, Spanish, and English, and classical melodies to keep your babies engage.
A baby Jumper has the right sets of activities and games like a frog who chases the bread, a spinning drum which has beads and a mirror, and so much more on the list that is going to attract your baby instantly.
Baby Einstein Activity Special Neighbourhood is an award-winning jumper as nominated by American Baby Magazine’s Top Picks in 2015 as it was voted by 60,000 parents as their favorite baby items.
The Baby Jumper has the feature of allowing height adjustment to 5 height settings as per growth and is suitable for both baby boy and baby girl.

The baby jumper is not wearable or strong enough as many customers found it not wearable enough to even withstand a setup or installation because it had to be repaired right after the structure.
Another notable constringed to this product is the quality issues that are not too par as compared to the price.

Graco Bumper Jumper Bear Trail

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Graco Bumper Jumper, Bear Trail

An action-packed Baby Jumper which is going to give your baby a joy from within, it is going to get your baby giggling for hours. A baby jumper from the house of Graco is no less than a bumper ride of unlimited fun, as this bumper jumper bear trail can be carried to wherever you want it parents find it an always go to product whether you are out for a short vacation or for picnics. Grace’s Bumper Jumper Trail comes with a nylon seat which can be washed by removing it from the jumper and being put in the washing machine, absolutely no damage or wear and tear is caused. If there are many toys in your baby’s wardrobe and he plays with each of them in groups or set, then this baby jumper has a toy tray with it which will let your baby keeps his or her toys and later play with them one by one. Also, the washable seat pad has double pads for the supreme comfort of your baby’s bums. There are no twist straps which are going to keep the straps separated owing to the built-in plastic dome while your little one is jumping with joy, they don’t twist or bend when you are freeing your baby or unbuckling him or her from the jumper. Not even during the time you are strapping your baby for using the bumper. So before you watch it getting out of stock or sold out, you should order it from Amazon.


This one is a stylish baby jumper that is going to take your baby to float sessions that too on fluffy clouds with this gentle stratus fashion. It has shades of dusty teal, leafy green, and midnight blue on a ground of neutral light.
It has a sturdy bounce spring along with a hidden safety cord for immediate actions just in case the little leg jumps and bounces too much with joy.
The Toy Tray has a width of 17 inches and a length of 17.7 inches, spacious enough to keep all the toys that you have a habit of playing with and can anytime ask for.
It can be easily transported from one room to another without any hassle so that your baby doesn’t get bored of playing in the same location time and again.

The serious constringed to this Baby Jumper is nothing but the logo marks, which is stuck at the front, which is not suitable for a baby. As a baby has the habit of biting, chewing, or scratching things, so the logo either enters the mouth of the baby or nails or maybe both.

Baby Einstein Neptunes Discovery Jumper

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper

As your baby is growing with age, there comes a time when you have to be specific about observation, observing what he does, what he likes, what are his habits, etc. as only then you can understand his behavioral pattern, his desires based on which you choose things, products and practices that are going to help your baby grow smartly. After all, we all know every great mind once started little, with this Baby Einstein introduces Neptunes Discovery Jumper, a space-saving jumper which will allow your baby jump safety without the need of a doorway. It is going to make playing time for your baby a time he is going to explore the oceans as such is the theme of this fantastic Jumper. Growing your baby’s imagination power, this jumper lets the baby enjoy playtime with toys that look real and function real. The jumper can draw your baby’s attention so that they stay entertained throughout the time they are jumping, and take pride in doing so.


This Baby Jumper has been made with a design that is user-friendly, which means a secure configuration that has small footprints to save you some space at home or outside. So as parents, one doesn’t need to be concerned about the fact that your baby’s jumper is going to take too much space for use.
This Einstein Neptunes Baby Jumper has an electronic turtle to keep your baby entertained with a good selection of music, lights, and sounds. A carb inside a bright ball and your baby will notice it spinning inside in amazement, little starfish, an octopus you, a mirror which lets your child do some self-discovery, flashcards, etc. everything your baby will enjoy having around him or her.
A jumper that helps the baby in learning numbers and colors that too in 3 languages, which are English, Spanish, and French.

As babies grow, they start teething, chewing on things, and this product, as stated by customers, doesn’t have good quality paint applied to it. Because of which the color comes out and enters the mouth of the kids. This one flaw can be dangerous and questions on quality standards of the Baby Jumper.

Bright Starts Bounce Baby

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

Bungee Jumping is so much fun-filled, would you let your baby be a part of the same? For most of you, the answer may be no, but that’s not the case here. With this baby product sitting at your home, you, too, would love the view of watching your baby do bungee-like bouncing action with Bright Starts Bounce Baby Jumper. Bright Starts brings a multi-function activity station at home with this product to let your baby enjoy while initially he or she has been exercising. This award-winning baby jumper provides the baby with a platform that is all safe while the baby keeps jumping up and down. The Jumper also has a rotational seat, which rotates 360 degrees to help the child access different toy stations. As your baby keeps growing, so does this baby jumper to keep up with the height, it has 3 height adjusting positions. A design that has been designed to help the parents make their baby’s life fun without compromising on anything be it space for your house or your baby’s health.


This baby jumper has been crafted with a unique design that is space-saving design so that it is easily accessible in your house even if the room you’re setting it up in has a smaller space; it also has a comfortable bounce pad that is soft enough.
It is effortless to clean the jumper that is its seat pad as it can be easily removed to be washed, even the frame toys are super easy to clean by just wiping.
It has Xylophone sounds to engage the baby along with colorful toys that rattle, click, ratchet, and spin to make playing time fun.

Even though this baby product has been one of the best sellers owing to the price, but everything that includes or is a part of the baby jumper is made of plastic which consists of the bouncing floor as well so, most of the parents do not prefer this jumper for their baby’s legs and knees that remain locked.

Disney MINNIE Peekaboo Activity Jumper

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE Peekaboo Activity Jumper

This one is for all the cute and sweet baby girls and their ever-growing love for their favorite cartoon character MINNIE from Disney. Baby Girls love the idea of jumping or instead dancing similar to or more than that of the boys, this is the reason why Minnie Mouse Peek-a-boo activity jumper is way too fun for your little one. This fun-filled product comes with more than 12 toys and activities to keep your baby engaged, something she won’t mind leaving her afternoon naps for. This Baby Jumper is going to provide your baby girl with a real-life experience of having Minnie Mouse around with the right sounds and volume control along with Minnie inspired lights. Having an exciting baby product that jumpers like this is something you can take pride in having, which you can carry to the park for your baby. At the same time, you do your exercise, you will notice how people around would come to you to ask for details so that they can buy the same for their baby. The seat pad of this Disney Minnie Peek-a-boo Baby Jumper is machine washable, and so is the toy-tray, both of which can be easily removed for washing and then put back as it were before.


While entertaining your little girl with more than 12 awesome toys and entertaining activities, it supports a 360-degree rotating seat to allow your baby access to the play station from all the sides.
The Electronic Play Station, along with beautiful and melodious sounds, has 2 volume options for better control of the sounds so that you can choose at how much volume your baby feels good and delighted.
There are 3 link loops in the Minnie Mouse Baby Jumper for you to fix or attach more toys to the jumper so that with time your baby doesn’t get bored of playing with the same toy again and again. Also, she will get along with a new playtime session with a change in the toys.
The Baby Jumper has a height positioning feature as well, which is 4 secure positions that grow with your growing baby.

This product is recommended for use only for a baby who is 6 months or above and a baby who is 25 pounds standing, not someone who is lower or below that.
Though it has a set of more than 12 activities or toys for the baby’s engagement, it becomes boring; also, the quality of the product is flimsy as compared to other such products.

Jolly Jumper

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Jolly Jumper - Stand for Jumpers and Rockers - Baby Exerciser - Baby Jumper

Jolly Jumper has been providing quality products since 1948, products that parents love having and find easy to use. Being one of the best-selling and highly recommended baby products in the market it makes childhood an incredible journey as the child has fun while jumping up and down, he or she also develops other essential features like Coordination, Rhythm, maintaining balance, and a habit of keeping the muscles healthy. It comes with a portable frame so that homes without door frames too can use this product in ease, also if your house isn’t spacious enough, it will let you store this jumper as it doesn’t demand too much space. The Jolly Jumper is not just known among the customers for the jumping fun or a few sets of activities it performs along with some music and sound, it is known for the best exercises it helps a baby with just like the jumper has a saddle seat to ensure that the baby’s spine is firmly supported in an upright position. At the same time, the baby is enjoying playing with this Jumper, which is more like an exercising product. A Baby Jumper comes with proven quality to help your baby grow their coordinating as well as muscle strengthening skills.


This fantastic baby jumper has been designed for a baby who has completed 3 months of age and can hold his or her head up with full neck support without the help of anyone else.
It comes with a musical mat that has 3 musical notes and is played with the baby’s touch while he or she is jumping up and down. The rug is known as the Cushioned Musical Play Mat. One will absolutely love how their baby plays different sounds with just their feet.
The Jolly Jumper comes with a super strand to provide height-related space to the babies who aim at jumping higher.
The entire jumper can be folded and can be stored easily as well as carried for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

This Baby Jumper, although it provides the nicest of the features, but is not a space-saving jumper as it requires a lot of space to assemble.
Buckling or putting your baby in this Jumper is more like an exercise for the parents as well as it requires a lot of effort and a countless number of things to do before one actually understands that now the baby can safely jump up and down.

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo

Jumping gets so much real and more like an adventure with the Fisher Price’s Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo. A Baby Jumper that has in stock the right sets of toys and a theme that is way too cute for your cute munchkin to play around with. Having a jumper is no big deal, but having one that is cute right from the house of Fisher-Price, a leading brand in providing valuable baby products, is definitely a big deal as you flaunt it off. At the same time, your kid plays in it in the neighborhood along with the Woodland Friends that he or she has made. As kids, one is undoubtedly going to enjoy playing with interactive and attractive toys, enjoying a company of colorful rainbow-like piano that can be performed by the baby.


There are interactive toys around the jumper, and the seat will let the baby play with all of them owing to the 360 degrees rotation it provides.
If your baby has been teething or chews things, then this jumper has the correct toys like a wiggly-jiggle frog teether, a caterpillar, and a clacker ring bar, which has 3 colorful rings to slide back and forth. There is a squirrel roller ball along with two Woodland Friends’ Spinner.
It allows your baby to practice jumping at any height without any risk involved, and there is no need for a doorway.
With every jump, your baby makes he or she is rewarded with the right kind of lights, sounds, and music.

Although there are no such flaws or cons of this product, Most of the parents have to say that the colored lights on dude of the rolling balls should have been buttons for the baby to push and hear different sounds with different buttons, as babies would have certainly enjoyed the satisfaction of pushing a button.

Baby Einstein Rhythm Activity Saucer

Best Baby Jumpers 2018 Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer

Baby Jumpers have so many types depending on the way they function, have benefits or features to add, have a different set of activities or sound notes to attract attention from the side of the parents as well as the babies so that they keep themselves engaged. In contrast, the parents can, by that time, complete their other household chores. The ability to engage a child for hours without the child getting bored with the help of a baby jumper is a tough task, especially through which he isn’t just giggling his heart through but equally exercising and learning things that he or she should learn while they are developing. The Baby Einstein Rhythm Activity Saucer is going to help your baby cope up with experiences of swimming with activities that are way too interesting and way too difficult to get bored from. It has pre-installed sounds of oceans that is indeed melodious, and they toy to are ocean-themed; this theme will take your baby to a ride of the ocean life. So, dive into this reef saucer themed baby jumper to let your baby learn about the reef world really well.


There are more than 11 activities in this ocean life themed jumper with toys like a spinning Orca whale, bead chaser, tropic fish teething stalk, octopus spiraling bead popper, and an electronic piano that has classical melodies to entertain the little explorers.
Your child can learn languages as well with this jumper, and the words are English, Spanish, and French.
The Back Seat is padded and ensures complete comfort and support to the child’s back, not making it too much strenuous for the delicate spinal cord.
It offers 5 height positions to adjust to while your baby is growing with time,

This Baby Jumper is made of plastic, so it restricts some parents from choosing this for their child as it can be unhealthy or not so comfortable.
It is restricted to use for a baby who is 6 months old and above and has a weight of around 25 pounds. So, if your baby has low pressure or is less than being 6 months old, then look for some other product.
The quality standards have been low as the ribbons in the carb are choking the baby, which indeed is a severe issue.


Buying a Baby Jumper is not just restricted to hiring it because you want your baby to jump or dance to the beats that the jumper comes with. It is also because of the reason that you want to engage your baby in a way that he or she enjoys a learnable experience during his or her developing period. Buying best Baby Jumpers other than a budget depends on various other aspects like height, a material with which it is made, sound system, the wearability of the straps, buckles, etc. So, before you walk out to buy one consider buying one of these Baby Jumpers from